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The Use Of Aluminum In Boxes

Introduction to Aluminum Boxes

Aluminum is a metallic element used in various and domestic and industrial appliances. It is a very common element found on the earth’s crust and is silvery white and quite light. It can be blended easily to form alloys. It is used in paints, construction, cooking utensils, and as boxes in packaging, among other uses. It is also used in the packaging industry in the form of foils.

Aluminum has to be first cast into sheet metals and then it can be cut and bent to form a variety of designs and shapes. The thickness of the sheet can vary. The thin sheets are used in the packaging industry as aluminum foil, whereas the ones that are thicker than 6 mm are known as aluminum plates, from which the boxes and other items are made.

The sheet metal of aluminum is available as flat pieces or in the form of a strip that is coiled. The metal is then subjected to cutting either with hand tools or by laser cutting. Perforating is also done for cutting the sheet aluminum. It is then bent into the required shape with a press brake that contains a punch which presses the aluminum sheet metal into the die and causes it to bend.

The common method used for bending is the air bending. A series of bends can be made of high accuracy with advanced machines and even a perfect 90 degree bend can be made with the right position and pressure. A punch is then used to make holes and depressions.

Why is Aluminum used for boxes?

Aluminum is used in boxes or cans because it does not corrode easily, and is also malleable. This makes it easy to manufacture aluminum boxes of different shapes. Aluminum is also advantageous to use, when compared to steel boxes, because it is lighter than steel. Additionally, the cost is also less. Aluminum when used in cans can be easily opened, whereas steel being stronger, is more difficult to pierce and open. It does not rust and is quite easy to maintain and keep clean.

Aluminum can also be recycled and many cans are made of recycled aluminum. The commercially used aluminum is weather resistant and also very ductile and hence easy for deep drawing and also can be welded to make boxes. IT is also resistant to corrosion and has a higher resale value than steel.

Types of Aluminum Boxes

The common aluminum boxes are the soup tin and the tuna tin. Some of the boxes are made with ribbed pattern. This is done in order to strengthen and stiffen the material, so that the box can resist dents and splitting. There are different sizes of aluminum boxes used as cases, tool case, and instrument case and so on. Some of the aluminum boxes are ideal as a gun box and others are used for the personal computer. Aluminum boxes also come in the form of travel case and as cosmetic cases. CD cases are also formed of aluminum boxes. Other types of aluminum boxes include the dressing box and the briefcase and boxes for holding musical instruments, such as the saxophone aluminum box.

Aluminum Strength

Aluminum is quite strong and durable. It is available in various grades and the greater the grade number, the stronger is the aluminum sheet. Aluminum weighs less than steel but the overall strength of aluminum boxes is greater and it also does not dent as easily as steel. It can very easily resist distortion and hence, it is considered to be a very efficient material, as it provides the same measure of stiffness with a lesser weight. Aluminum is also less plastic in nature and therefore more resistant and rigid in its structure.

Storage and Use Recommendations

Aluminum is not very abrasion resistant and hence it should be protected from too many scratches, as this might spoil the look of the aluminum box. You would also like to keep your aluminum box looking shiny for a long time. You can wash the box with warm soapy water in order to get rid of any dirt. Wash aluminum boxes gently and never put them into a dishwasher.

This might end up in scratching them and even damaging them. Use a soft cloth to wipe the aluminum boxes. Don’t use abrasive pads that can cause scratches on them. Finally rinse and clean with chamois leather. Always use only a mild detergent. For stubborn stains, you can use a mix of water and 10% alcohol.

Don’t expose your aluminum boxes to too much of dost and hot particles. Effective and regular cleaning is very important in order to avoid salt deposits. It should also not be exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. If left untended for too long, then hazardous materials can start building up on the surface of the aluminum boxes and give it an ugly appearance with spots. Don’t ever dry dust the boxes, as this might result in scratching.

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The Use of Wood In Boxes

Wood Introduction

Wooden boxes used for storage and transportation are also known as crates. They are the ideal containers for storing shipping items that have to be transported long distances. Wood is obtained from trees in different types, such as hardwoods, exotic woods, softwoods and figured woods. The bark of the trees is removed and then the log is cut into flat pieces to form wooden boards. These boards are pressed to produce the lumber. The work involves, cutting the lumber to size, joining it, assembling it and preparation of the surface and finishing it, if necessary.

Many sizes of wooden crates are available for packing purposes. Plywood is cut with saws to form the different sides of the box, according to the measurements required. Pine boards can be used on the sides of the board but not for the bottom. The sides are nailed together to form an open container, with nails along the sides. After the crate or wooden box is packed with the required material, the top plywood piece is also nailed in. For heavy duty storage containers, you can even attach hinges on the packing crate. You can also attach a lock in order to give greater security to the material inside.

Why Wood is used for Boxes

Wood has many qualities, such as strength, stiffness and hardness and hence is the ideal material for making boxes. It has several other virtues, such as being attractive, being easily available and it is also very easy to work with, unlike metals. If you take proper care of it, it will also last forever. Boxes can be made with oak, pine or particle board. Even if you drop the box, it will not break or dented. Sometimes, the wood can get chipped off, but this can also be repaired with the use of fillers. It is a natural material and you can also have engravings done on it very easily. It is used when people move to new houses to transport their goods from one place to another. It is also used in industries for storing and transporting goods, through ships and also by road. Wooden boxes are also useful for just storing things at home or in the office.

Wood Strength

Less energy is required to make wooden boxes and it is very versatile. The strength of wood or its ability to resist loads is quite high and it is considered reasonably strong, but this is dependent on the knots and splits in the wood. It is a natural polymer and the long chains of cellulose fibers make it very strong. The cellulose is very tough and it is easier to split the board along the line of the grain than across the grain. Hence the boxes are made in such a manner that the fibers support the load and the parts are cut so that the grain continuously running throughout the length of the board. They can support a heavy load.

However, wood is more expensive than plastic and should also be kept away from moisture, as water can damage it to the extent that it cannot be repaired. Additionally, you cannot see anything through wooden boxes, unlike glass boxes.

Types of Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are made from timber or lumber and plywood depending on the use. There are many types of wooden boxes used for shipping and transportation, such as a nailed wooden box, a cleated box, a skid box and a wire bound box. A nailed box consists of pieces of lumber attached with nails and other fasteners, having a bottom and four sides with a removable top which is attached after placing the goods inside. Cleated boxes are made of plywood or corrugated fiberboard and have five to six strips attached to each other. In wire bound boxes, the wood cleats are stapled together with wires and these are lighter than the crates but very strong. Boxes made of corrugated fiberboard and attached to a platform which has a skid are known as skid boxes. Apart from these general wooden boxes, there are also decorative boxes and chests.

Storage and Use Recommendations

Wooden boxes used for jewelry or as a gift box should be protected well. You can varnish them periodically so that they do not get affected by pest and changing weather conditions, especially moisture. If you are storing valuable items in it, you need to use termite control to protect it from rotting. Wooden boxes should be dusted regularly; otherwise the particles can build up and become a permanent part of the wood. Crates and other utility boxes should be stored away from moisture and must be left covered for storing. It should also be kept away from sunlight or any other sudden temperature changes, as it might contract or expand. Wood shrinks and swells due to moisture changes and so the environment needs to be consistent. You must not place wooden boxes near fireplaces, radiators or near any air conditioners.

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The Use Of Foam In Boxes

Foam Introduction

Foam boxes are made out of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) which is a form of plastic. It is an insulation material and is available in liquid form which can be applied by spraying or as solid foam boards. The two forms can also be used together to form boxes as the spray acts as an adhesive.

The foam boards are cut and tacked or wired into the desired box shape and it does not need to be too well-secured. The foam is then sprayed all around the boards and this makes the foam expand around the edges and fill the gaps. The foam is then allowed to set and it holds the box firmly in place. The tacking and wiring can then be removed and the crevices and gaps are filled with spray. This makes the box moisture-proof and also insulates it.

Foam blocks are made from polystyrene beads with the help of a blowing agent and poured into a container and heated. It is then injected into the required mold. With heat and pressure, they form foam blocks and can be shaped as desired.

Polystyrene which is white foam, is used for making into boxes for packing televisions, computers and so on. It can be molded into the desired shape and size and transports the goods in a fresh condition. Foam core is a thin layer of foam and can be made into boxes when it is sandwiched between card stocks and stuck with glue.

Why Foam is used for Boxes

Foam is an ideal material used for boxes, especially for transporting food stuff which needs insulation and protection from changes and extreme temperatures. They can also be used for packing fish and meat. They provide good packaging for confectioneries which need protection from high temperatures and act as coolers. The advantage of the foam material is that it is recyclable but it is not biodegradable and cannot be broken down naturally. However, it can be reused and hence foam boxes are used for transporting fruits, vegetables and other food stuff like meat to other places. The goods kept inside are well-insulated and kept fresh. It is very durable and can resist temperatures and shock and is also light-weight, as it contains 98% air in it.

Foam Strength

The foam strength can vary, depending on the production process that is used in the manufacture of the foam. The chemical formulation will decide the strength and according to this, some foam boards are used for packaging of lighter material, while other foam boxes can be used even for heavy machinery packaging purposes. The curing temperature of the foam when it is being produced will also affect the strength. The blowing agent used in the creation of the foam is also important in deciding whether the foam is inflammable or not. Polyurethane polymer foam boxes are quite tough and less friable when compared to the polyisocyanurate foam boxes. Hence, the stronger foam boards are used for panel applications and aircraft interiors.

Types of Foams

The most common types of foam boards used are polystyrene, polyisocyanurate and polyurethane. Large sheets of foam boards used for shipping boxes are made of molded and expanded polystyrene (MEPS). This can be easily molded into coffee cups and boxes or into large sheets. Foam packing is made from polystyrene and molded into complex shapes. This is used as boxes for holding irregular objects in a stabilized and protected manner.

The other type of polystyrene packing is also made of polystyrene foam boards which are easy and cheap to produce. They are used for packing regular shapes inside a cardboard box. They are usually about 2 inches thick. Polystyrene foam has good insulating qualities and is also used in restaurants for delivery of foods. There are foam corrugated boxes, and foam boxes specifically made for sensitive equipment packaging. Others are specifically for insulting purposes and some for packing heavy weight machines. They are also available in different colors, such as colored, white and brown boxes.

Storage and use Recommendations

Though foam is not generally attacked by pests, as it is not a natural material and does not provide any nutritional value to pests, it can easily be bored through. Hence many insects might bore through it and make it their resting or nesting place. For storing foam boxes, you can use periodic spraying with pest control sprays and even spray with orange oil. Avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt during storage by keeping it in airtight plastic bags. Dust and debris can be removed with the help of a cleaning brush. Air freshening products may be added to the bags, In order to reduce odors. The presence of water and moisture can be very damaging to foam and hence you must check out for any signs of water near your foam boxes.

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The Use Of Steel In Boxes

Introduction to Steel Boxes

Steel belongs to the iron family of metals, where iron is mixed with carbon and some other elements. Iron is melted and reprocessed and with the correct amount of carbon in it, it is cast into slabs or ingots. Slabs are rolled into sheet metal or plates. It is classified as mild, medium or high according to the amount of carbon it contains. Alloy steels such as stainless steel are made by adding nickel, tungsten and chromium to the metal. Steel boxes have traditionally been most used as lunch boxes in India. These are available as single boxes or tiered ones. Steel boxes can also be used in industries.

Steel boxes are made by a process of metal braking. Boxes are made out of steel sheets and can be converted into storage units or metal containers of various shapes. The steel sheet is folded into a box, just like how a cardboard is folded into a specific shape. You need specialized equipment for doing the procedure. Thus, sturdy and strong steel containers can be made for storage. Holes are drilled wherever joints are to be made and these are riveted together. The lid is also similarly made to fit securely over the box.

Why Steel is used for boxes

There are many different types of steel boxes used both for domestic and industrial purposes. Steel is the ideal material for domestic use, as there is no danger of bacterial infection. It can be cleaned very easily. Additionally, it is very strong and durable and has a shine that lasts a long time. Food also remains fresh in it, as the material does not impart any chemicals to it. Hot foods can also be preserved in steel boxes, as the material does not react with hot liquids. This cannot be said of plastic, where the plastic material reacts with hot liquids.

In industry, steel is used in mailboxes and toolboxes in different colors and designs. It can support the weight of many tools. They are very tough and durable and you can use them for many years. They are also weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures as well as heat and rain. They also look very stylish and today they are available in different models. Steel boxes can be a lifelong investment and are reasonably priced. They are heat-resistant.

Strength of Steel

The strength of steel depends on the composition. The steel in scissors is much harder and the carbon content will affect the hardness of steel. If the red hot steel is rapidly cooled in cold water, it can be it harder, or it can be made soft by heating it and cooling it slowly. This helps to match steel to the purpose for which it is made.

Steel that has a higher carbon content can be made harder and stronger than iron. Due to its strength, it is being increasingly used in buildings, tools, automobiles, machines, weapons and so on. When compared to other types of boxes, such as plastic, foam and cardboard, steel boxes are sure winners with regard to their tensile strength and longevity.

Types of Steel Boxes

Steel boxes come in different shapes fit for various domestic and industrial functions. For example, we have the steel spice box with compartments, consisting of small cups to hold the different spices. This saves space and is very convenient. There are steel cash boxes which are the best storage solution, as you can lock it and keep the material inside safe. Personal and office items can be kept inside as well as automobile spare parts, books, and stationery and general provisions. There are steel boxes specifically made as gear boxes and are weather-proof. Apart from these, there are bulk packaging boxes made according to customer specifications for defense bomb packing and export services.

Storage and Use Recommendations

Steel is usually durable and rust-resistant and also easy on maintenance. You can use many cleaning agents for cleaning steel boxes. People living near the seaside may have to be more careful, as the steel might start rusting due to the acting of the salt and moisture in the atmosphere. Use a damp cloth to remove any residual salt on steel items. Washing your steel boxes with water and then wiping it dry before storing it is recommended.

Steel can also be polished with a good polisher. By taking care of steel in this way, your steel boxes will remain shining as new for several years. Steel, however, has a good resistance to rusting when compared to iron. Steel can be scrubbed to remove the dirt that settles in the boxes. Sometimes, the dirt cannot be removed by cleansers alone, and you can use a butter knife to scrape the dirt off carefully. Steel is prone to scratches and hence it should be taken care of. Use a wool pad with the cleanser to avoid scratches on steel boxes.

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Plastics Use In Boxes

Introduction to Plastic Boxes

The use of plastic can be dated to 1900s. Any synthetic organic material which can be made to retain a particular shape with the use of heat and pressure is named as plastic. Plastic can be used in a countless number of ways, the most common being the plastic boxes used in both industry and in homes. It can be used in toys, flooring, food and storage containers, bags, water pipes and hoses to name but a few. It also has plenty of industrial uses, such as in airplane windows, building materials, automobile bodies and so on. Continuing new uses are being discovered every day for plastics, such as in computers for CDS and in personal computers.

Why Plastic is used for Boxes

Plastic is the ideal material for making boxes, as it has several simple properties such as being easily moldable. It is the ideal method to store and preserve products, especially dry products. It is very flexible and hence it can be molded into different shapes, as per the requirement of the consumer. It also gives maximum protection to the material placed inside. It is non-reactive and does not undergo any chemical reaction with the item placed inside. You can therefore preserve almost anything in plastic for a longer time.

Additionally, plastic is very lightweight and hence very ideal for transporting. It saves a lot of energy while packaging and also while transporting the material from one place to another. It is not disposable, like paper cartons and can be used and reused for years. It offers the best protection for perishable products.

Due to the use of plastic, you can minimize on the use of other sources, such as wood, steel and other scarce products. It is also very easy to maintain plastic boxes and is very hygienic. You can place medicines and food in it and it does not get contaminated. It is also possible to seal it tightly for added security against tampering. Another advantage of plastic boxes is that it is transparent and one can view the products inside very clearly. Such boxes made of plastic are also shatter-proof and durable; hence it does not get damaged soon.

Plastic Strength

Plastic supplied for the food industry is tough and durable and are strong enough to survive harsh environment and manufacturing conditions. The plastic boxes made for industrial use is very strong and can be safely used in conveyor systems. Due to its strength, it can ensure that the product reaches the end user in good condition. They are water-resistant, chemical resistant and can be used for long-term outdoor applications. Plastic boxes that are watertight and are vibration resistant are also produced for storing delicate industrial equipment.

Plastic Box Types

There are various types of plastic boxes, for both household and business use. The various types of boxes are made of PETE, HDPE, PVC, and PP and so on. You can store perishable goods for the kitchen, or store documents and files, or even use it as shipping containers to keep products safe while travelling. The size and shape of plastic boxes can be customized according to the needs. Some of the boxes are of the clear and transparent types, which will display the product kept inside in order to attract customers in a shop, for instance.

There are other durable types of plastic boxes, such as the polyvinyl chloride, PVC, and the polycarbonate ones, which cannot be used for food storage as it can become toxic. Some of the plastic boxes are airtight and water tight and you can store them in the attic or in the basement, without having to worry about whether it will be damaged by pests or water. Some plastics are food grade and can be safely used for storing food, whereas others are not. Polypropylene has a great tensile strength and is used for making storage containers. It has a high melting point and can even be used for filling with hot products. For instance, Tupperware and Rubbermaid boxes used for food storage are plastic boxes made from PP.

Storage and Use recommendations

Plastics are usually very sanitary materials and don’t usually harbor any bacteria. Plastics can be cleaned with hot soapy water and then dried thoroughly. For food storage, use only food grade plastic containers. You can store food stuff in plastic containers in the fridge or the freezer. Don’t keep old plastic boxes for too many years. If it has become worn out and scratched then it is time to throw them out. Older plastics tend to leach the toxins into the food stored in them. You can use such old boxes for storing non-food items. Don’t serve foods with fats and oils in plastic boxes as plastic toxins can easily get transferred through the heat. Plastic boxes should be used for microwave only if they carry the microwave -safe mark on them. Don’t heat plastic boxes, as the chemicals are likely to leach into the food.

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Cardboards Use In Boxes

Cardboard Introduction

Cardboard boxes are primarily used for packing goods or materials. Cardboard refers to various types of paper material which is heavier than paper. To be termed as cardboard, the stiff paper has to be more than.006 inch thick. It can be known as paperboard or corrugated fiberboard which are manufactured in the form of flat pieces and then folded to form boxes. Flat sheets are used for sandwiching a central fluting or filling made of corrugated short fiber paper.

The central layer is first heated with steam and is passed through corrugating rolls which form the ridges and valleys. A liner sheet is pressed on both the sides, before the adhesive dries up and this produces a roll of paperboard or cardboard. Converting machines are used for cutting the rolls of cardboard.

Why Cardboard is used for Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is the ideal material used for boxes in packaging, protection and the transport of many types of products. The main reason for this is that it provides good insulation to the material stored inside. Secondly, it is also very strong, as fluted layers of paper are sandwiched between puncture-resistant layers of heavy paper. The fluting makes the cardboard box sturdier and also acts as a cushioning when it is crushed. The alignment of the flutes is also appropriate, and this vertical alignment gives added strength to the cardboard box.

It is used for industrial packaging and also most of the cereal purchase you make at the supermarket comes in a cardboard box. As it is lightweight, people use cardboard boxes while shifting and transferring their goods or moving house, or also for just storing goods, as all sizes are available for storing domestic goods. It can hold a lot of weight and also offers good protection to fragile items. Additionally, it is also very cheap. Many businesses also use these boxes for storing away their back-up files and other paperwork.

Cardboard Strength

Not all cardboard boxes are strong and the type of flute or corrugation that is sandwiched between the outer layers should be considered. When the flute is larger, the boxes are stronger. Such strong boxes are used as shipping boxes and for holding materials such as glass, furniture and heavy food materials. When the thickness of the flute is less, it can be used for stand-up displays or for ballot boxes. There are some weaker boxes which are very lightweight and can be used for software packaging or as a point of purchase container.

From the environment point of view, cardboard boxes should be preferred to plastic boxes, as the former are recyclable. However, plastic containers are also preferred by many as they can be used several times and maintain their stylish look. Additionally, there is a lot of work involved in making cardboard boxes, right from crushing a tree for wood fibers and the industry thus uses a lot of energy. Plastic boxes are lighter and more durable and the manufacture is not energy intensive in comparison.

Shipping containers that need to transport heavy materials cannot use cardboard boxes, and have to make use of wooden or steel containers, especially when the goods require unbreakable sealing or for the transportation of liquid and semi-liquid material. Plastic and steel are waterproof and provide protection in negative climate. When compared to cardboard boxes, metal containers are safer as you can lock them and prevent burglary.

Cardboard Box Types

In corrugated boxes, the bottom lining and the outer and inner portion forming the corrugated board are glued on the outer portion of the peaks and valleys portion of each flute, with the help of starch adhesives. This can be used for packaging of heavier items, such as refrigerators and treadmills. On the other hand, flat cardboard or solid cardboard is thin and has a smooth coating on one side. It can be used for packaging lighter items, such as cosmetics, computer software, video games and so on. It is processed with paper and is a slim form. This is more acceptable in paper recycling plants.

The corrugated cardboard needs to be flattened and unfolded and only then sent for recycling. It occupies a lot of space when stored and by flattening it, the volume becomes less. The flat cardboard that is wax coated is non-recyclable but it can be used as milk cartons as the wax prevents leakage.

Storage and Use Recommendations

When unused, cardboard boxes occupy a lot of space. Hence, it is advisable to dismantle them and store them flat. You can then tie them in bundles, if so, should be stored in a garage or in the attic, where there is no moisture. Since they are essentially made of paper, moisture can damage the boxes. You can store the boxes by sliding them flat on the floor or a shelf.

In spite of a wide variety of uses and being the most inexpensive way of organizing, storing and transporting goods, it is not advisable to use cardboard boxes for outdoor use, as they cannot withstand harsh weather conditions.

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Bakery Boxes Wholesale

You can now buy bakery boxes at online shops, and these could make the most beautiful packaging for gourmet foods. Bakery boxes wholesale in all colors and shapes are now brought to you for online purchase. Most of the brands meet FDA requirements for direct food contact. Some of them are specifically suited only for dry foods. The front of the boxes folds down easily for front loading of small cupcakes, brownies, cookies, pastries and so on. You can receive discount prices for wholesale purchases.

If you are looking to set your business apart from the rest of the competitors, then you can purchase these unique bakery boxes wholesale at competitive prices from online shops. You can build your brand through these unique packaging products. You can select from a wide range of paper and plastic boxes in different colors, shapes and designs.

You can also get these boxes customized by printing your logo on it, thus creating a brand image. A custom label can also be added to these boxes. Apart from these wholesale boxes, you can also buy many other bakery accessories such as candy cups, wax tissue, candy trays and so on. The possibilities are endless with online options for your business to grow by leaps and bounds.

If you are looking for custom packaging, many of these online dealers also offer free design services where your logo can be printed with attractive print quality. You can even choose the paper material for these bakery boxes wholesale. By availing the online shops, you can buy these customized boxes whether you are looking for a small folding carton or for an extra-large corrugated cardboard box. They are available at cost-effective rates and can assure you of the quality that you desire.

Other advantages that are available by online ordering of bakery boxes wholesale, are that they offer embossing, custom die-cut, foil stamping, spot lamination, custom window, barcodes, and aqueous effect for all your bakery boxes. Meet all your requirements at reasonable cost from the online shops today.

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Perishable Shipping Boxes

You need special shipping boxes for transporting perishables as they have to maintain the integrity of the products. Now you can purchase perishable shipping boxes from many online stores, which offer you boxes for shipping such perishables which have specific conditions of temperature requirements. These can now be shipped safely with these special boxes made for them, and which can be readily purchased online.

These perishable shipping boxes are insulated ones and are very tough so that they can last many shipping transits and can be reused. The high quality of the boxes is ideally suited for perishable items such as frozen food transport and also fresh sea or ocean products. If your business requires you to ship refrigerated items, then you will need these high-quality insulated shipping boxes, which will help to maintain a constant temperature either with the use of ice or frozen gel packs.

These kinds of boxes can be the ideal solution for catering operations or food service, when you need to transport hot or cold food to remote areas. The perishable shipping boxes that are available online are also very useful for transporting medicine and other critical items. The greatest advantage of these boxes is that they are also lightweight and hence reduce your shipping costs and they can be reused again as well as recycled. All the dimensions available are mentioned in the websites and they also offer freezer packs.

Now you can even ship chocolates during the summer by the use of freezer packs to the boxes and the shipment will remain cool. Many of the boxes also have lettering such as ‘Rush Perishable’ on it with arrows indicating the correct side up.

Double insulation protection is provided on various perishable shipping boxes with a tight fitting and seamless body and also has added strength and durability features. The online suppliers offer you top brands of quality insulated boxes and meet the highest level of industry standards, so go ahead and safely ship your perishables, without any qualms.

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Cardboard Trash Boxes

Cardboard Trash boxes can be the ideal way of managing waste, recycling and can also be used by companies for events and definitely by homeowners. With the help of these kinds of boxes to collect your trash, a clean and economical alternative is provided with environment-friendly solutions for handling recyclables.

You can select from a wide range of these boxes made of grade corrugated box bottom, many of which are provided with convenient cut-out hand holes for easy lifting and disposal. The trash boxes, additionally, contain liner bags as well as a lid. The bags available usually have a cinch draw which can be easily tied around the bag for removing the trash or recyclables from the box, once it is full.

You can now buy these functional and attractive cardboard trash boxes which have a multifunctional lid that fits perfectly over the box and holds the lining bag well. Some of the lids are also fitted with holes to easily receive plastic bottles or cans and this can also be converted into a bigger trash opening, in many cases. Different kinds of lining bags such as black or white are available.

Some of the boxes that are available at online stores also have a weather-resistant coating that is applied to the entire surface of the cardboard trash boxes, so that you can safely place them outside. This even allows rain drops to bead up and roll away, like a freshly waxed car.

Along with these cardboard trash boxes, you can also get labels, in black and white, or any other colors and specify the size that you need. It is also possible in many cases to get direct printing on the container done at various online stores. The liner bags provided are of the heavy-duty type and have a large volume.

If you are hosting any event and you need clean and attractive cardboard trash boxes, then you can now purchase them at short notice from online traders. They are perfectly suited for events and even reuse. You can empty the box and then refill with another liner while the event is going on for a smoother disposal of waste.

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Cardboard Book Boxes

You may need cardboard book boxes for any number of reasons, such as moving house, storing the books, keeping borrowed books, or just keeping specific research books. This will be the ideal way to pack them if you are moving and even otherwise, your books, notebooks, magazines, class notes and other such stuff can be stored in these cardboard book boxes.

You can purchase a wide range of cardboard book boxes in single and double wall cartons for mailing purposes, storage and house removals.

Removal companies can make their bulk purchases from the wide range of cardboard boxes available at online shops, according to their requirements. These can be the best way to secure and send your books or magazines while transporting them. A large range of different sizes and strengths are available and can be safely used for shipping applications.

Some of the boxes are corrugated ones which are super strong but also very light weight so that you can save on postage and shipping costs. These boxes are specifically made for packing books and can fold and lock together within seconds. Rigid and padded ones are also available with bubble wrap which give very good protection for your books. These padded mailers are very similar to bubble mailers but paper padding is used in this case. They resist bending and are ideal to transport your books.

You can also buy all kinds of accessories with your cardboard book boxes at the online stores. They offer you kits and also individual accessory choice. You can buy reinforced gum tape, gaffers tape or electrical tape. Tape dispensers are also available to make packing of your books really easy.

No matter what your needs for packing books, all the choices are available at online stores in order to ship your items safely. The bubble mailers will provide added cushioning to your books. They even supply Kraft paper and loose fill foam packing in order to fill the voids, so if it’s cardboard book boxes that you are looking for, then your perfect solution is just a few clicks away.