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Jun 12 / admin

Donation Boxes

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Donation boxes are used to collect money for charities and provide an easy and face to face way for charities to canvas for donations. These boxes are available in many different shapes and sizes depending on whether they will be help in the street, or placed in a set location for passers by to donate money. The boxes that charities use to collect their donations can also be found with or without locks in order to a more security if desired.

Donation boxes are generally made from wood, tin or plastic. The use of tin is rather an old style material that was used because it was cheap, lightweight and could be easily molded into the necessary shape. The main disadvantage with using tin is that it can be susceptible to rust if it gets too wet. A standard material that you will find being used to make a donation unit is plastic. Plastic is popular because it is strong, durable and waterproof. Plastic is also a cheap and widely available source of material. If you wanted to make your own charity box, you make it using wood although you can also buy wooden boxes. Wooden boxes are a more decorative device.

The size of your box will depend on how much money you hope to collect and where it will be placed. Charity boxes can be found in many different sizes to suit your needs. The shape of these boxes varies from square and oblong shaped boxes to cylindrical with a gripping area under the main compartment.

The color of the donation units will depend on your charity and what you hope symbolize. If your box is made from plastic, then these will be in a standard block color that will be dyed at the point of production. With wooden boxes you can easily personalize them to suit your style.

Generally you won’t find donation boxes available for purchase in many shops; therefore the best place to look is online. By shopping online you will find the whole experience a lot simpler and you will have a wider choice of the style and boxes that are available. These boxes can often be purchased for a lower price and for added convenience they can be delivered straight to your door.

If you have set up your own charity then you need have a donation box. These boxes will allow the public to donate easily to your worthy cause without much hassle.

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