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Jun 12 / admin

Pastry Boxes

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Pastry boxes are your simple standard boxes that can have a see through or closed lid. These boxes offer a delicate and unique way to store and deliver your fine pastries. These boxes can be used to accommodate varies pastries including; croissants, tarts, glazed buns, donuts and cakes including sliced cakes, muffins and brownies. Whether you currently run and own a bakery or you are looking to start one, these handy boxes are perfect for all your needs.

The standard material that is used to make boxes for pastries is cardboard. Cardboard is an environmentally friendly product that can be man made or made in a large scale production site. Cardboard boxes are a fairly sturdy storage unit, and they will keep your pastries and cakes relatively safe. Some boxes that are used for storing pastries and cakes also have a clear area at the top which is generally made from cellophane, to allow you to see the contents directly.

What will make a really good pastry storage unit is the attractiveness of the box, especially if you are selling them already boxed up or putting them into boxes when customers have purchased them. If you are selling them in boxes, they will need to be bright and colorful in order to attract buyer, this can be achieved by having brightly colored boxes or sending them to a printing firm. If you are putting your pastries into boxes once they have been purchased then it is essential that they display your company logo as this will result in a form of advertisement as other people see the box.

Pastry boxes can be found in many different shapes, these include; oblong, square, circular and triangular. The different shapes of the boxes represent the different types of contents that they have. You will also need to consider having different sizes of boxes so that the pastries can be stored effectively without being squashed or having too much room to move about in.

If you are unsure where to buy boxes from that you intend to put pastries into, then you should probably look online. By shopping online you will find the whole experience easier and quicker, because you can have a multitude of suppliers at your finger tips. Online shopping is also a lot more convenient and often cheaper.

All you budding or existing pastry chefs need to have a good supply of pastry boxes in order to successfully store and sell your creations. These perfect little (or large) boxes will not only showcase your work, but they could even take some of the strain out of advertising as well!

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