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Apr 26 / admin

Perishable Shipping Boxes

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You need special shipping boxes for transporting perishables as they have to maintain the integrity of the products. Now you can purchase perishable shipping boxes from many online stores, which offer you boxes for shipping such perishables which have specific conditions of temperature requirements. These can now be shipped safely with these special boxes made for them, and which can be readily purchased online.

These perishable shipping boxes are insulated ones and are very tough so that they can last many shipping transits and can be reused. The high quality of the boxes is ideally suited for perishable items such as frozen food transport and also fresh sea or ocean products. If your business requires you to ship refrigerated items, then you will need these high-quality insulated shipping boxes, which will help to maintain a constant temperature either with the use of ice or frozen gel packs.

These kinds of boxes can be the ideal solution for catering operations or food service, when you need to transport hot or cold food to remote areas. The perishable shipping boxes that are available online are also very useful for transporting medicine and other critical items. The greatest advantage of these boxes is that they are also lightweight and hence reduce your shipping costs and they can be reused again as well as recycled. All the dimensions available are mentioned in the websites and they also offer freezer packs.

Now you can even ship chocolates during the summer by the use of freezer packs to the boxes and the shipment will remain cool. Many of the boxes also have lettering such as ‘Rush Perishable’ on it with arrows indicating the correct side up.

Double insulation protection is provided on various perishable shipping boxes with a tight fitting and seamless body and also has added strength and durability features. The online suppliers offer you top brands of quality insulated boxes and meet the highest level of industry standards, so go ahead and safely ship your perishables, without any qualms.

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